6 décembre 2010

♥ Mr & Mrs Pudding, exhibition ♥

The new exhibition of Curiosités is online !

click on picture to enlarge

For this new little show I've done only one illustration in 3D = until 4 layers of paper :)
See below this 3D effect

"Capuchon au Champignon"
original painting

illustration + frame : 25 cm x 25 cm.

"Capuchon au champignon"
print - 21x21cm

Arches paper 240 g
numbered & signed


Here a little selection of the pieces of art I love in this exibition,

2 commentaires:

Marie-Sophie a dit…

Super chouette ton post sur l'expo ! merci Lucie <3

Kanzilue a dit…

bravo pour tes œuvres Lucie! elles sont super mimi!!!