27 septembre 2016

September news

Two months I did not post here but I have a good excuse: it was summer and I did enjoy it with my 2 lovely girls!

Zoé turned 2 in July and Manon 4 in August, it was for me the occasion to decorate our home with fruits paper garland from Flying Tiger.

This summer was also the perfect time to change the lamps in our kitchen, we just love them!

And yes, I did work this summer, for Famille Summerbelle, as you may know I am studio manager assistant for them and I worked for myself.
I had the pleasure to design the birth card of Mayeul ! And last days I started to draw again ^_____^

In my next post I'll show you the new puzzle I've designed for Michele Wilson

Last 2 points:
My book is up to date!
My shop is up to date!

Have a lovely week,